Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Emory University

Email: christoph.breunig@emory.edu

curriculum vitae

Working Papers

The Standard Portfolio Choice Problem in Germany  with S. Huck, T. Schmidt, and G. Weizsäcker (conditionally accepted  at Economic Journal)

Published or Forthcoming Papers

Nonparametric Regression with Selectively Missing Covariates with P. Haan (forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics)

Varying Random Coefficient Models (forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics)

Ill-posed Estimation in High-Dimensional Models with Instrumental Variables with E. Mammen and A. Simoni (forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics)

Specification Testing in Nonparametric Instrumental Quantile Regression (Econometric Theory, 2020, 27(03), 497–521)

IT Outsourcing and Firm Productivity: Eliminating Bias from Selective Missingness in the Dependent Variable with M. Kummer, J. Ohnemus, and S. Viete (Econometrics Journal, 2020, 23(1), 2020, 88–114)

Testing Missing at Random using Instrumental Variables (Journal of Business & Economic Statistics2019, 37(2), 223-234)

Specification Testing in Random Coefficient Models with S. Hoderlein (Quantitative Economics2018, 9(3), 1371-1417)

Nonparametric Estimation in case of Endogenous Selection with E. Mammen and A. Simoni (Journal of Econometrics, 2018, 202(2), 268-285)

Adaptive Estimation of Functionals in Nonparametric Instrumental Regression with J. Johannes (Econometric Theory, 2016, 32(03), 612-654)

Goodness-of-Fit Tests based on Series Estimators in Nonparametric Instrumental Regression (Journal of Econometrics, 2015, 184(2), 328-346)